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      Muswell Hill Carpet Cleaning offers outstanding cleaning services, fantastic customer service and are dependable.
Kenneth Wright02/08/2023
     Normally not one for writing reviews, but their home-cleaning job on our residence was done so professionally that I could hardly resist sharing it with others. I would unquestionably recommend Carpet Cleaner Muswell Hill to anyone; their ability to overcome any type of cleanliness issue is unparalleled.
Meredith Taylor18/05/2023
     This was the best experience that I have ever had with a cleaning service. The cleaners are punctual, professional, and efficient. They had my entire flat spotless in under three hours. I would highly recommend Muswell Hill Carpet Cleaning Company to anyone in need of professional cleaning.
Margot M.21/05/2020
     I was desperate to get professional deep cleaning. Muswell Hill Carpet Cleaning gave me everything I was hoping for and surpassed my expectations.
     Having a clean home has always been a priority for me. However, the last couple of months I didn't have enough time for cleaning. I decided to call Muswell Hill Carpet Cleaning and that was the best decision I have ever made. My house has never looked better. I am really impressed and satisfied with the service.
Hanna P.21/07/2016
     The team from Carpet Cleaner Muswell Hill completely transformed all the carpets in hour 4 bedroom house. We have two dogs and one cat living with us and pet stains had completely ruined our carpets. I tried cleaning the spots but could not do it effectively. Your team came to our rescue; they got rid of all the stains whilst ensuring that the fabric was not affected. Now our carpets look fresh and clean, with not a single stain. We will definitely be hiring you for routine carpet cleaning.
Dora and Sam19/08/2015
     When I hired MuswellHillCrpetCleaners on a cleaning contract for the office, I fully expected to have to put up with delays and constant reminders when it came to getting the work I wanted done. But to my surprise, their professional cleaners were well aware of what to do and went about doing it diligently without me having to supervise or recommend. I am highly impressed, and rest assured, I will be calling you guys again!
J. Thomson18/02/2015
     Got to say that the importance of hiring cleaners who really know what they're doing is only apparent after you've worked with a few different options. I'd tried a number of different companies before I discovered MuswellHillCrpetCleaners and in that time, I had the standards I set for cleaning companies set pretty low. I was consistently unimpressed, but I must say that the team have really set the bar high these days. Very impressed and my home is very, very clean. Thank you once again.
Lloyd Briggs07/01/2015
     My home had been undergoing a lot of building work recently and after it was all done, I was very happy for it to be over. I wasn't out of the woods yet though because I was left with a lot of mess. Dust, concrete, stains and more awaited me. Wanting all this to be over, I called up MuswellHillCrpetCleaners. I knew them by reputation and they lived up to it. No sooner as they started, the house was immaculate. With the new building work and their expert clean, my house is perfect.
Tiffany Atkins18/12/2014
     I recently signed up for some help from MuswellHillCrpetCleaners and I wanted to leave a comment saying how excellent the service was. They managed to come into a time sensitive situation and really deliver and effective solution which made the most of every single second. The help which they delivered has made such a huge difference and I will certainly be calling them again. I cannot stress enough how useful the entire operation was and in retrospect, I struggle to see why I had been satisfied with anything less than these standards previously.
Keith Ross04/06/2014
     I regularly clean my home but even with the all the cleaning in world you cannot keep things looking brand new forever. One way of keeping that fresh and new look though, without breaking the bank, is to hire some cleaners in because I have to say that is exactly what I have got now, I really didn't expect this at all, I expected my home to look great but not this great, it really is amazing and I cannot thank MuswellHillCrpetCleaners enough for what they have done, its saved me loads of cash and has prolonged the life of carpets and sofa too.
Dale S.08/05/2014